Careers at Spencer4Hire Security

thumbAt Spencer4Hire Security we pride ourselves on hiring only the best security personnel in the Los Angeles area. Security personnel employed by Spencer4Hire are selected on the basis of their ability to properly perform the responsibilities that meet the superior requirements of this agency.

All applicants are interviewed by a member of our operations department who is trained in security personnel background investigations. Evaluation is based upon previous work history, the ability to understand and interpret security procedures and identification of acceptable levels of responsibility and emotional stability.

Background checks are conducted on all candidates. Each new employee is fingerprinted, photographed and given a personality test. This is a timed examination designed to test an individual’s basic aptitude level. An individual’s ability to read, write and make logical decisions will also be evaluated.

Each security officer hired is given a personal profile. This is a test to determine an applicant’s general psychological compatibility with the necessary requirements of a good officer. It also decides their emotional stability, sociability, ascendency and responsibility levels.

If you would like to be considered for a position at Spencer4Hire Security, please submit completed application, CV and Resume to